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Postcard image of Dinuba's  L  Street,   postmarked  9/25/1916.

Photograph by the Visalia studio of E.M. Davidson, circa 1888.
On the back of the photo is written: "Tillie & Jim Mehrten, Twins (youngest)".
Most likely, this is an image of Matilda Mae & James Arthur Mehrten.   They are indeed twins and  the youngest children of Louis Mehrten and Mae Elizabeth Poppe.   They were born on Sept. 7, 1879  at the family home in Swamp Ranch (near the present town of Woodlake).     
Tillie Mehrten married Thomas William Homer in 1901,  and they lived on the Homer family ranch on Dry Creek.    I believe this is the Homer Ranch that is now a nature reserve.
Jim Mehrten was a longtime resident of the Three Rivers area.    He married Amy Myrtle Odenbaugh in 1902.    During the early 1900's  he carried mail, freight and passengers up to Giant Forest via stagecoach.     During the 1930's he built and operated a mountain resort in Silver City (Mineral King). 
---- Information on the Mehrten's is from the book Pioneers in Paradise,  by Sophie Britten;    and from the website Slices of Time  which also is the source of this photograph (and the 2 photos below)

Photo by the studio of  Robinson and Churchman,  Visalia.     Written on the back:  "Gerald Clinton,  two months - twenty days".       Most likely this is an image of  Gerald Hobert Clinton.   The official source documents I can find online list his birth date as July 28, 1897;  in Tulare.    That would mean the photo was taken on-or-about October 18, 1897.
Gerald Clinton married Alice M. Hylton.

Photograph by C. A. Myers.     On the back is written "Marion Embert Todd".     He was born in Orosi  on May 12, 1891.       Note the hand at the right edge of the image,  touching the bottom of his skirt.     This is probably the hand of his mother, Nellie Emogene Titus.     Back then,  toddlers often had their photos taken with their mothers very close-by;  to help keep the child calm.
Marion Todd married Georgia Francis Beedle.

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  1. martimckee@gmail.comAugust 18, 2017 at 8:12 PM

    I check your blog periodically because I have family history in Tulare going back to my great grandparents. My grandfather, W.E. McCallister, owned a little candy store in Tulare in the 20s (McCallister Confectionery) and I would love to find a picture of it. I was floored to see a picture of little Jimmy Mehrten because he built the cabin in Silver City that my grandparents bought in the early fifties! It was an integral part of my childhood. Thanks for posting these gems.