Thursday, April 27, 2017

 Photo postcard image of Exeter's  Pine Street, circa 1911.

Photo postcard.    Post-marked: "Portersville Cal., Feb. 24, 1907". 
 There's no ID  for the children with the card.      I haven't been able to pin-down the exact location yet. There were several palm tree lanes like this in the Porterville/Lindsay area.      This could be the palm lane near the ranch of J. H. Williams of Porterville.

(Added 5/5/17)  From an old photo postcard, circa 1908.     I believe this is the same Palm Ave.  that's in the previous image.

A snapshot of sunbathers at the old Bartlett Park swimming hole,  Porterville.    Circa 1916.      Along the Tule River,  this area is now under  Lake Success.

Another snapshot from the old Bartlett Park, circa 1916.

Photo postcard, circa 1910.     Looking east down Tulare Ave. ,  Tulare CA; near the intersection with J  Street.      This appears to be a George Besaw postcard.

An old photo postcard, of the 1906 flood in Visalia. (Visalia flooded several times that year.)
The image is of the old county courthouse, on the NW corner of Church Street and Center Ave.
The high curbing and corner stones are still present today.

Another postcard image from the 1906 Visalia flood.   This is an image of the old Odd Fellows hall on the NE corner of Church and Center.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Photo postcard of the Townsend School, circa 1913.   Photo by Vogt.    This school was located in Elderwood,  on the east side of Millwood Drive;  a couple miles north of Woodlake.    It was later renamed the Elderwood School.
According to Marsha Ingrao's book about Woodlake:   The school was built in 1908 and would have only had two rooms at the time of this photograph.

Photo postcard of  Woodlake's  Brick Block building.   Circa 1914.   It was located at the NE corner of  Valencia and Naranjo Boulevards.     Apparently someone thought they sold good bananas there.

Postcard image of the Woodlake's Presbyterian Church under construction.   Circa 1913.

Photo postcard by Vogt.   Circa 1915.     So far,  I haven't been able to find out what exactly these gentlemen were "Stockholders" of.

Sprinville,  circa 1914.     I'm not sure what this building was.    I posted this image to a Springville facebook group.   The best clue I got from  FB  was that this structure was possibly used as an extension for the Mt. Whitney School in Springville, during the early 1920s.

Postcard image of Strathmore, circa 1913.    The two-story brick building at the left side of the image appears to be the Strathmore Block building.    This structure still stands and its appearance hasn't changed very much.    It's located on the SE corner of Bruce Drive and Orange Belt Drive.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The studio ID printed on the back of this photo:  "Giant Forest Studio.   Lindley Eddy,  Photographer.   Ranger, Tulare Co., Cal.".        Ranger was the site of a post office, a ranger's station and Eddy's studio in Sequoia National Park.   The photo is circa 1915.

Photo postcard circa 1910.   "F. Donley"  probably refers to Frank Donley of Dinuba.     

Photograph of a Tulare creamery by Howard Clinton Tibbitts, circa 1912.    This is a scan from the glass negative.    The sign on the building indicates that this is part of the Dairymen's Co-operative Creamery Association  (DCCA).       The DCCA was created in 1909.   It  merged with Land O'Lakes, Inc., in 1998.

Another  Howard C. Tibbitts photo, circa 1912.   This is a scan from the glass negative.    Tibbitts  listed this image as  a "Creamery at Tulare".

Photo postcard of  Strathmore, circa 1913.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Postcard view of Dinuba, circa 1910.

Lindsay's Southern Pacific Railroad depot, circa 1912.    Photo by Lindley Eddy.

Photo postcard view of Visalia, looking south from near the intersection of Court St. and Center Ave.  Circa 1908.
The small cupola tower, at the center right of this image,  was at the NW corner of Court and Main Streets (Where Starbucks is now).   On the NE corner of Court & Main is the Palace Hotel Building.   The Palace was built in 1876 and is still standing.    The structure at the middle foreground is the annex (or extension) built on to the hotel in 1886.   This annex connected to the Palace Hotel via a second floor covered bridge, across the alley.    If you look closely at the image you can see a little bit of the top of this bridge.   The annex was torn-down after a 1965 fire.

Photo postcard image of Visalia's Main Street during the 1908 July 4th parade.
The two story building at the right & center is the First National Bank Building, which was located on the SW corner of Main & Court St.     The person who sent this postcard wrote:  "This is a picture taken last Forth of July.   The band you see there is the Visalia Band."

Another postcard image of Visalia's  1908 4th of July parade.
I wonder what the nearest float is suppose to represent?     Perhap a giant sugar beet?   Visalia did have a large beet sugar factory at this time.

Photograph by Howard Clinton Tibbitts,  circa 1910.   This is from a series of photos he shot in California.    Tibbitts describes this image as "Stacking Alfalfa - Visalia - 200 tons".    Note the two  hay derricks in the image.     These horse-powered derricks used a system of ropes and pulleys which allowed the formation of large haystacks like this.

Another H.C. Tibbitts photo, circa 1910.   Tibbitts describes this image as  "Dairy Barns and Silos, Visalia".

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Photo postcard by Lindley Eddy, circa 1912.     I believe the "Kaweah Colony Canyon",  refers to the 
to the area near the the Kaweah Post Office

The Orosi Library was established in March 1911 in Ryan's Cyclery.    It was officially established as a Tulare County Library Branch in July, 1913.     After WWI,  a  Carnegie library was built in Orosi  and that building still serves as the county library branch for that town.

Photo postcard by Beck,  circa 1911.    This section of Tulare's  J  Street  was also known as "Front St."

Image from an old postcard.     It's postmarked "Lindsay, CAL., Nov. 14, 1907".    The person who sent the card wrote on the back: "This is a picture of orange hauling at Lindsay Cal.".
Close up:

An old photo postcard image of the Palace Hotel in Visalia,  postmarked 4/18/1909. 
Built in 1876,  this building still stands on the NE corner of Main & Court Streets.   It's the oldest commercial building still in use in Visalia and probably the southern San Joaquin Valley.
Close up:
 A close-up showing some of the signage:   There's a couple of "Palace Bar" signs,   A poster that starts "National League Base Ball Results..." (I can't read the rest of the poster),    And there's a corner street sign for Court and Main Street.

The Tulare County Courthouse,  circa 1921.     This is a view looking south down Court Street near its intersection with Oak Ave.